• Security for Researchers

    Tom Liffiton and Mark Monday are addressing the annual convention of Investigative Reporters and Editors this week. Security and self-protection on the Internet, and in all parts of life, are essential to the open source […]

  • Pin it on us….

    For those interested in OSINT, library science’s Information Literacy, politics’ Opposition Research, journalism’s Computer-assisted Research and business’ Competition Research, The Research School has created a Pinterest resource. We have over 400 pins at https://www.pinterest.com/safeteam0589/the-research-school/ From […]

  • Secure Communications — One Paper’s Way of Protecting Sources

    The New York Times story “How to Tell a Secret in the Digital Age,” by tells how they are protecting sources of information and want sources to communicate with the paper. See the story at: […]

  • News, Fake News and Alternative Facts

    Fake News is the news these days. For those interested in that problem, ways it is being fought, and journalism, there is a new selection on http://thereseachschool.com under the False News and Disinformation page. In […]