• Analysis — a Starter Set of Questions

    Determining what to believe, or what information is accurate enough to pass on to others, requires analysis. While collecting material, and when evaluating material that has been gathered, there are many questions whose answers will […]

  • Storage Systems — A Must for Researchers

    Storage Systems In addition to two computers, you should have at least one and preferably two large drives to attach to the computer. You will want to save your collected materials somewhere other than on […]

  • Reading What you Hear

    Audio-to-text transcription and searching is becoming more necessary as the Internet – and some say society as a whole – moves away from the written word and toward other communication forms. This movement began a […]

  • How Much Security do you Require?

    TRS is asking readers what level of security they feel they need in their investigations, and why.  All answers are welcome at mark@theresearchschool.com