• More Search Engine Choices

    Search engines are one of the more useful tools in research, but they come and go. Two rising stars in the field include Instya at http://www.instya.com/ that searches multiple web sites at once and Gigablast […]

  • Scraping the Top of the Barrel

    Web Scraping from databases is an advanced area of research. In most cases web scraping is only the initial activity and must followed by manipulation of the scraped data to answer questions of the scrapers. […]

  • Opposition Research…a Major Contributor

    Opposition Research, the methodology that gains popularity in some circles during election cycles, is not one of the better-documented areas. There are excellent opposition researchers – they may also research their own candidates to see […]

  • Not Everything is Believable

    Just because it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck is no reason to believe it is a duck. This week a webpage – made to look like a […]