Checklist to prevent being checkmated!

Analysis Checklists are a starting place. They summarize key points and questions, but should never be considered the final test of any analysis in research. We are putting up occasional truncated checklists from our proprietary library. Of course, requests for specific ones are welcome.

Social Media Sources
Have the claims in social media been rejected or proven untrue by other sources or by later events?
Is this social media information corroborated by other sources?
Are the language, vernacular, and colloquial expressions used in the posting consistent with the claimed access and identity of the poster?
Are the hours the poster is active appropriate for the time zone and conditions claimed?
Is the user located near where the information would be available or events might take place?
How extensive is the information from the social media source?
Does the level of detail in postings appear consistent with firsthand knowledge?
Are other platforms used by the same poster; if so do they provide more information and are the postings consistent with each other?
Is there any metadata linked to the posting that can be used to authenticate the source and the knowledge level?
What is the potential or actual impact of the information provided by the source?
Is there any evidence the poster is attempting to sway an audience?
Has the poster used social media source venues previously, and if so how reliable was the source at that time?

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