• Browsing the Browsers….

    Vivaldi is a new browser that has been under development for over a year. If you change browsers every so often – a commendable security protection – this may be another one to add to […]

  • A Reminder about Advanced Operators

    A Reminder about Advanced Operators Increase the applicability of results while cutting the number of useless results. It is possible. Many open source investigators are aware of the techniques. The few outlined below are not […]

  • Upcoming….

    OSINT expert Randolph Hock noted that some might be interested in seeing the OSINT-related content of the program at this conference coming up in London in June: Countering Violent Extremism: Open Source Intelligence, Social Media […]

  • International News Gets a Bump-Up

    The New York Times will spend three years and $50 million to expand its international digital audience – and plump up its revenue stream, of course. For research aficionados that suggests more international information may […]