Ease Your Social Media Searching

For many things and at many times, social media may provide quick and useful answers. But getting answers from many social media sites can be time-consuming.. Researchers may want to try https://www.social-searcher.com/
If you have additional sites you have found that make social media searches easier and quicker, please e-mail them to mark@theresearchschool.com and I will post them

Flagging where the information comes from….

When doing online research, knowing the location of the server is one of several bits of information that can and should be used in assessing the reliability of  information on a site. It is not the only criterion, but it is an important one. When you are using Firefox as your browser you might find this little add-on useful. It displays a tiny flag, showing where you are attached. The claims for this Firefox add-on:

Flagfox  Displays a country flag depicting the location of the current website’s server and provides a multitude of tools such as site safety checks, whois, translation, similar sites, validation, URL shortening, and more. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/flagfox/?src=search