Audio-to-Text Translations

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Transcription tools make it possible to turn the content of meetings, interviews and other audio materials into written form. The development of audio-to-text conversion tools makes it possible to save time, effort and frustration. Things go better – and faster – when you can search the transcript.

More than two dozen transcription tools are outlined at the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at

Search Engine Lists

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Search engine lists are important resources. While half a dozen key ones are listed below, be aware of all sites that have collected URLs to multiple search engines. They can be time-savers when you want to find and use that “special resource.” Using search engine lists afford the researcher a vast choice of search tools. These include:


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Researchers, in fact all who go online, need to protect themselves from snoopers – and worse. An important initial step to protecting yourself, family and those you work with is to use a privacy-aware search engine. Four that may be useful in protecting you include: