Good Breaks for your CAR

Investigative Journalists doing Computer-Assisted Reporting (CAR) need to be extra careful in their work. As we are doing some specialized work on security for media people, The Research School permanent staff member Tom Liffiton found a number of resources that may be useful in improving the safety of reporters doing CAR. (The information is also useful for anyone doing Information Logistics and moving information to their own sites for use.)

The Committee to Protect Journalists offers the “CPJ Journalists Security Guide” at (This is very good guide that we think covers many of the topics that need to be addressed.)

“Information Security for Journalists” is a publication of The Centre for Investigative Journalism. Free download in a number of digital formats is available at

The “Digital Security” page of the Global Investigative Journalism Network is a quick and useful security overview for journalists at

The “Security for Journalists, Part One: The Basics,” page is at  . Part Two, on Threat Modeling, is at .

Global Journalist Security at offers a variety of classes for journalists, NGO workers and human rights activists.

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