Reading What you Hear

Audio-to-text transcription and searching is becoming more necessary as the Internet – and some say society as a whole – moves away from the written word and toward other communication forms. This movement began a century ago with the phonograph and accelerated thereafter. Now more than half the digital traffic payload moving across the Internet falls into the audio-visual realm. Internet researchers have to increasingly use, and “translate” into text, this tidal wave of audio-visuals.

At TRS we are finding more uses for the pop up archive at .

This translates a wide variety of file types –  aac, aif, aiff alac, flac, m4a, m4p, mp2,
mp3, mp4, ogg, raw, spx, wav, wma – into searchable text.

Do you have other favorite multi-media-to-text engines and what uses do you find for them?

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