How to use a personal VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to encrypt all network traffic going from and to your devices (laptops, tablets, phones).  Using a VPN especially while on a public Wi-Fi will help to protect your data in transit to other sites around the Internet.

PC Magazine did a recent review of personal VPNs:

The graphic implies that there are free ones available, but once you look into them, they all seem to have a fee after the trial is over.   You can use any one of these that meets your requirements and that you find useful; the key is to try the ones that have trial periods so that you can ensure it will work for you.

Below are instructions on how to set up NordVPN.

  1. Download the client from the NordVPN
  2. Run the install file by opening it. You will see the Install screen:

  1. You will then get the login screen. If you haven’t set up your account from the website, then you can create the account from the link on the bottom of the screen.  If you did create an account already, you can log in.


  1. You may see the next pop-up screen, which adds additional features to your VPN service. Go ahead and click on the green button.


  1. Once in the application, click on the round button at the top to connect to your VPN service. Once connected, you will be able to resume your Internet activity.

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