Books and PDFs in Our Library

Some students and researchers have asked us what references and experts we use. No single book will meet the needs of every researcher, but we have our favorites in the library. Some of the books are new; some are old and many are out of print. Some are even E-books. While some may be outdated in many respects, even those have parts we believe are valuable. When buying books, we generally look first to the suppliers at ABE Books, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

We stress that everyone’s needs are different. For that reason we have been reluctant to talk about our reading list. While we have broken our library down into general categories that suit our needs, you may find that the books – as listed – do not fit your needs. Before purchasing a book we suggest you go to your nearest public library and see if the book is available there. If it is not, you can probably get a copy through interlibrary loan to see if it is really worth your investment in both time and money.

There are many books written about modern research and tools. Many professions use knowledge research techniques, but they may call the research process different things. In journalism some call it the electronic beat, many librarians classify it as information literacy, businesses call it competitor intelligence, and military minds refer to the techniques as open source intelligence. Whatever term is used, it all boils down to “Don’t reinvent the wheel. If the information is available, find it and use it.”

This list is not comprehensive of the field. If you have a favorite that we have overlooked, let us know and we’ll consider adding it to our library and this list.

Two basic tools — the price is right — are Untangling_the_Web, released to the public under the Freedom of Information Act, and Ben Benavides’ recently revised OSINT 2ool Kit On The Go (Bag O’ Tradecraft) a.

Key General Texts
A Journalist’s Guide to the Internet, Third Edition, Christopher Callahan and Leslie-Jean Thornton, Longman, Boston, 2007 Available through Amazon at:

The Extreme Searchers Internet Handbook, Fourth Edition – a Guide for the Serious Searcher, Randolph Hock, Cyber Age Books, Medford, New Jersey, 2013. Best price available through:


Search Engines and Web Browsers
Firefox Hacks – Tips and tools for Next Generation Web Browsing, Nigel McFarlane, O’Reilly Media, Sebastapol, CA, 2005
Google and other Search Engines, Diane Poremsky, Peachpit Press, Berkeley, CA, 2004
Google Hacks, Tara Calishain and Rael Dornfest, O’Reilly Media, Sebastapol, CA, 2003

Social MediaOrganizations Don’t Tweet, People Do, Euan Semple, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, Chichester, UK, 2012
The Everything Guide to Social Media, John K Waters, Adams Media, Avon, Massachusetts, 2010

Non-Internet Searching
The Craft of Research Second Edition, Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb, Joseph M. Williams, University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 2003
A Guide to Library Research Methods, Thomas Mann, Oxford University Press, New York 1987
Guide to Information Access, Sandy Whiteley, Editor, American Library Association, Random House, New York, 1994
Guide to the Use of Books and Libraries Third Edition, Jean Key Gates, McGraw Hill Book Company, New York, 1974
Knowing Where to Look, Lois Horowitz, Writer/s Digest Books, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1988
Librarian’s Guide to Online Searching, Suzanne S. Bell, Libraries Unlimited, Westport, Connecticut, 2006
Reference Sources for Small and Medium-Sized Libraries Sixth Edition, Scott E. Kennedy, Editor, American Library Association, Chicago, 1999
The New York Public Library Book of How and Where to Look It Up, Sherwood Harris, Editor, Prentice-Hall, New York, 1991
The Oxford Guide to Library Research, Thomas Mann, Oxford University Press, New York, 1990
Reference Sources for Small and Medium-Sized Libraries Sixth Edition, Scott E. Kennedy, Editor, American Library Association, Chicago, 1999

Organization of Downloads/Digital Librarianship
Building Digital Libraries, Thomas Reese Jr and Kyle Banerjee, Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc. New York, 2008
Organizing Audiovisual and Electronic Resources for Access, Ingrid Hsieh-Yee, Libraries Unlimited, Inc., Englewood, Colorado, 2000

Competitor Intelligence
Competitive Intelligence, Larry Kahaner, Touchstone Publishers, New York, 1997
The New Competitor Intelligence, Leonard M Fuld, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 1995
Proven Strategies in Competitive Intelligence, John E Prescott and Stephen H Miller, Editors, Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, New York, 2001

Making a Business of Information
The Guide to Online Due Diligence Investigations – the Professional Approach on How to Use Traditional and Social Media Resources for Investigations, Cynthia Hetherington, Facts on Demand Press, Tempe, Arizona, 2015
The Information Broker’s Handbook, Sue Rugge and Alfred Glossenbrenner, Windcrest Books, New York, 1992
Internet Searches for Vetting, Investigations, and Open Source Intelligence, Edward J. Appel, CRC Press, Boca Raton, Fl, 2011

Information Resources
Confidential Information Sources – Public and Private – Second Edition, John M. Carroll, Butterworth-Heinemann, Boston, 1991
Find it Online – Third Edition – The Complete Guide to Online Research, Alan M. Schlein, Facts on Demand Press, Tempe, Arizona, 2003
The Internet Searcher’s Handbook, Peter Morville, Louis Rosenfeld, And Joseph Janes, Neil-Schuman Publishers Inc., New York, 1996
Know It All Find It Fast – Second Edition, Bob Duckett, Peter Walker, Christinea Donnelly, Facet Publishing, London, 2004
Open Source Intelligence in a Networked World – Second Edition, Anthony Olcott, Bloomsbury Press, New York, 2012
Open Source Intelligence Techniques – Second Edition, Michael Bazzell, CCI Publishing, Unknown, 2013
The Manual to Online Public Records, Michael L. Sankey and Cynthia Hetherington, Facts on Demand Press, Tempe, Arizona, 2008

Audio-Visual and Multi-media
Journalism Next – Second Edition, Mark Briggs, CQ Press, Thousand Oaks, Ca, 2013

Maps and Mapping
How to Lie With Maps – Second Edition, Mark Monmonier, The University Of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1996

Information Trapping – Real-Time Research on the Web, Tara Calishain, New Riders, Berkeley, CA, 2007

Free NATO OSINT Handbooks (Digital)

NATO Open Source Intelligence Reader

NATO OSINT Internet Intelligence Exploitation of the Internet

Free Army OSINT Manual
Army OSINT ATP 2.22-9