Welcome to The Research School

The Research School staff have a single, simple goal: To help everyone learn how to acquire the information they need quickly and effectively. Every person’s need is unique. The skill sets and resources that are needed differ from person to person. We create individualized answers to individual needs, giving people “the information advantage.”

Ours is a public-benefit company. The Research School provides help to people who want to hone their research skills — essential skills for learning that we use throughout life.

The Research School provides both free resources to help people develop their research skill sets quickly and completely. Our staff is available to help users on-site.  Write us to discuss your requirements and the availability of staff. We try to maintain a user-friendly site and will make every effort to answer your needs and questions.

Meanwhile, spend some time on our research Tools page to see what is available to researchers, check our Blog page for often-changing tidbits of information on how to get and process information more easily, and review our Library page for information about some of the best learning materials available. Our Resources page is changed often to give you a list of some of the sites we and our users have found useful in research on various issues and categories.

Feel free to write us at any time, with any question or comment, using the Contact Us link.


Our Permanent  Staff

Tom Liffiton is a former FBI agent who combines research knowledge and techniques with wide experience with computers.

Mark Monday is a former journalist and was Open Source instructor at the U.S. Army Intelligence School.

Dr. Emil Sarpa developed techniques and capabilities of the future for one of America’s largest computer companies. He was formerly Personnel Director at Stanford and worked with their IT development group.

Kristy Westphal is an information security professional specializing in security assessment, operational risk and program development.