• Offline Browsers–the Complete and Speedy “Save” Technique

    Offline browsers offer the opportunity to download an entire site, or section of a site, for later viewing offline and to save the site for future needs. Using one allows you to quickly get everything […]

  • Journalists Can Do It! Who Else is Doing Better?

    The list research offerings of Investigative Editors and Reporters (IRE) at their computer-assisted reporting convention in Denver in March is touted to top 100 classes, including hands-on training. A peek at the extent of their […]

  • New Books from the Journalism Side of the House

    We are adding a trio of books to our Library. While designed for writers who are following the Computer-Assisted Reporting model, they are useful to anyone doing the deep dive into the fact pool. These […]

  • Top Level Domains

    Knowing where the site is from, or what it purports to represent, can be helpful in researching on the web. A top-level domain (TLD) it is the group of letters that follow the final dot […]