• Oppo Research Popular “New” Job Area?

    Following the Watergate scandal that destroyed Richard Nixon’s presidency, a flood of people wanted into the journalism profession. With the leaks and reports coming out during today’s election season Opposition Research (OPPO) may prove to […]

  • Ease Your Social Media Searching

    For many things and at many times, social media may provide quick and useful answers. But getting answers from many social media sites can be time-consuming.. Researchers may want to try https://www.social-searcher.com/ If you have […]

  • Flagging where the information comes from….

    When doing online research, knowing the location of the server is one of several bits of information that can and should be used in assessing the reliability of  information on a site. It is not […]

  • Changes in Information Flow Require Changes in Research

    There has been a revolution in information flow over the past few years, one that requires changes in the way we gather and use information. Traditional methods remain and cannot be ignored as some would […]