• OSINT Nomenclature for the Intelligence Community

    OSINT, as a term, is often badly misunderstood. The word can be, and is, used in two different contexts even by people in the intelligence field who should – and probably do – know better. […]

  • Use Intelligent Agents to Improve Your Searches

    Intelligent agents — scouts, really — are computer programs that search the web for you, looking for information based on the key words you provide. They are, in effect, a continuous search engine. Google Alerts […]

  • Overview – Where to Look and for What

    Computers and the Internet are not common in all areas, nor are they used by all people. The Internet serves as one of several tools that information professionals and analysts use. Information collectors must think […]

  • Planning for Research Success — Phase VII

    This is generally the final step in an organized plan for the research process. Many of our previous steps are found in earlier postings. We will post fill-in missing steps in coming weeks. The seventh […]